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Aw Austria

I didn't have so much of an itinerary going to Austria, and geeks that we are, this was 
the first time we went without a big thick travel book (shameful tip: library travel 
books with plastic covers are perfect). This wasn't going to be a luxury holiday, 
just time to binge on fresh air and free time. I packed for easy-breezy-
we'll-hike-or-swim-or-whatever holiday activities, concerned for the first time 
about sensible shoes and how waterproof are pac-a-macs really... 

He packed a ring.  

That little surprise and some horrific (tragically newsworthy) weather led to some 
unexpected holiday activities, like trying to casually get my mum to use Skype for 4 
days (with no success) and spending 2 days indoors in a thermal spa in stead of a lake. 
We ended the holiday with only a hike and a half completed, but thinking I didn't take 
enough photos of the beautiful places that unexpectedly wowed me, rain or shine. 

These photos were taken in the one beautiful day we seized. Rather, he seized..
  I was literally dragged up a mountain whining about taking a bus. Its a wonder he 
didn't throw me and the ring in the lake... 

Fairytale landscape now far far away, its time to go back to work, with a shiny new 
project hijacking an already new venture. 

Cue anyidlesunday: the O.G.N.A.W.B.* remix

*oh God not another wedding blog