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Day "Out Out" of London: Bushy Park

It's hard to believe I moved back to Belfast 3 weeks ago, leaving foggy London behind. (Well apparently heat-wave London now!) The last 3 weeks here have flown by in a very exciting whirlwind of "change of address" forms and trawling through recruitment sites. I can't complain too much, we timed our move to coincide with Easter and felt like we were on holiday at home for two weeks, going for long walks and coming back for tea and chocolate eggs..but now it's all business.

Moving is hard. It's stressful. Job-searches are just a tad soul-destroying, but hey just keep changing your search filters and try again. I could rant on the "categorisation" of jobs, unhelpful job descriptions and reposting of jobs enough to fill another blog, but to some degree I always knew I would have to face this, and just keep plugging away. 

So when we had about two weeks left in London and asked ourselves what did we reeeeeeeeeeeally want to do before we moved away forever, I already felt the need to "pre-charge" my mental state. With a nice long walk, as usual. Maybe some wildlife. And hot chocolate.

We ventured out to one of those "Oh yeah I always meant to go there...."  places: Bushy Park in Richmond upon Thames. It was one of those freezing then suddenly sunny days, with 5 minutes of hail in the middle spectacularly timed with our arrival at the coffee shop. For anyone visiting London or always meaning to get out to Richmond to see the deer, I recommend you to get out and recharge at Bushy Park. It was a more manageable size than Richmond (Richmond Park being great for a full day out with picnic!), meaning you could do an easy walk around it (between meals, which is always my concern), but the coffee shop is well stocked and bright with lovely woodsy views.

But the deer are in Richmond Park..!? - See for yourself - I've definitely heard of animal therapy, but I thought you would need to play with a troupe of fluffy puppies to feel relaxed. Just watching this lot and spending some quality time with the camera was a really good stress-buster - how could you not come away happy?