Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Lovin'

Just a little round-up of a few things I'm currently coveting (or seriously considering buying...) to get me in a summer mood. I did a little chuckle when I saw this "Issues" print, wouldn't the Tote Bag be perfect for summer holiday magazine-carrying? RiverIsland are getting their prints and colours just right for a modern twist on Amalfi-coast meets Ibiza summer style - loving this Poppy Print Bralet - would be great with a full circle white skirt and shades, and Topshop has some sugary sweet pieces for underneath, like this Balconette Bra in pink and lemon. I'm putting the finishing touches on the wedding (7weeks!) and while this Sophia Bridal Headband is a little too boho, I still think it's gorgeous! Lastly, we have our first visitor coming to stay in the new flat, and the spare room looks awfully bare - is that a good excuse to invest in one or two bits of art, like this Feather Watercolour Painting


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Beauty: The Rescuers

Lately I've tried to curb my beauty impulse purchases, and instead think about what my skin / hair really needs. Sometimes you need to get back to basics and literally stop covering up the problem (in this case with a lot of concealer...!) 

There are so many Quick Fix facials to choose from, but this one really spoke to me. Congested? Yes, I could almost feel the dusty underground in my pores. The charcoal mask is rich in minerals, thought to really draw out impurities. Ironic to clean out dust with charcoal, but I really do feel a difference, and the charcoal is more skin calming than other products I've tried. It also contains Dragon fruit extracts (read: rich in Vitamin C), so your skin should look fresher and livelier. Even rinsing off with London hard water my skin was soft and moisturised and definitely coming back to life. Bonus points for the ghoulish grey greeting He got while I waited for it to dry. 

Garnier seem to be experimenting with their formula, and packaging, depending on how dry your skin is. I'm currently using the Very Dry Skin formula with  Shae Butter, but their current site has removed the "very". I suppose the "very" is just a bit of an exaggeration. Anyway, I'm not great at using as instructed everyday, it's more of a weekend treat! It's super-thick on the skin, which is great deep down, but makes getting dressed or getting into bed a bit sticky. Next trial will be a lighter-weight moisturiser or body oil.

Another product off the shelves, but still available on Amazon, this was my intro to eye-cream and I really think more brands should do this, at least for sampling. I've since tried gels and creams, and looking for the "one". This allows me to switch between both, with a gel as a quick brightener, and cream for intense treatment after along day of screen-staring.

As an intense leave in conditioner is pretty normal for me (my hair does not like London water), I've been recommended Coconut Oil as an intense treatment. If your hair isn't used to it, this can feel a little greasy, so don't put it on just before you pop out for drinks. Work a tiny amount right through your hair to prevent frizz and give a great shine, and the next day you'll still have silky smooth hair - it really absorbs well.

To be honest though, we all know that a rescue remedy in a bottle isn't the final solution to superficial problems, it's all about diet isn't it? I'm also upping my vitamins and water intake, although my brief fling with juicing ended with a half used jumbo bag of spinach leaves...If only tea could solve all problems!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

DIY or Buy: Desk Makeover

There are some fantastic blogger workspaces out there - let's forget for a moment that some of us don't have the luxury of working from home, a good desk really can inspire you to be more productive, even if it's just "after-school". It could be bit daunting to try to recreate the whole look, but here are some tips for a stylish no-nonsense desk makeover:

  1. Get yourself a stylish mouse-mat, or better yet, DIY! Experiment with colour as you will, but fresh neutrals and gold is soothing, crisp and luxe at the same time.
  2. BUY practical but pretty. Think outside the box with desk lamps and stationary storage. Try Anthropologie and Habitat for stylish and quirky.
  3. BUY or re-purpose a dish or kitchen tray to tidy up the little things like business cards and paperclips.
  4. DIY a desk calendar - especially good for those of us that need an organisational refresh halfway through the year! Etsy has some fab downloads if you're feeling less than creative.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


A little burst of summer holiday style - am I getting ahead of myself? As usual I got too easily distracted when looking for wedding accessories, and instead am craving these beauties. These would be perfect for some summer evening to dress up a fresh white top, or glam up a maxi dress...

White circle drop earrings - Miss Selfridge

...or take some style info from Pink Peonie's Rach Parcell for drama!
J Crew earrings on Pink Peonies

Monday, 21 April 2014

Painted Love: Little Doodles by Kate Wilson

Does anyone else have an unhealthy attachment to birthday cards? I tend to hang onto them for...oh decades,  and have a separate storing place for my "I should frame these" cards. And why not? Sometimes they are just too pretty, and some talented illustrator somewhere has put their best sketch forward. This is how I discovered Kate Wilson's Little Doodles, and now I'd like to share with you!

If anyone asks, say a little birdie told you....


Friday, 18 April 2014

For Idle Hands: Sweet and Savoury Chocolate Recipes

Dear Friends and Chocolate, 
I've been missing you. 

This year instead of pigging out on hollow eggs and empty calories, I'm going to explore combinations and venture into savoury chocolate use. Inspired by a delicious spicy mole-based sauce made by a friend, I've rounded up a few ingenious ways to put a spin on chocolate this Easter. We do tend to get a teensy bit sidetracked, ch-ch-chocolate, but if you do celebrate Easter it should be another point in the year to take stock of what is important in life, not scoffing goodies before breakfast - so combine this with your guilty pleasure you chocolate fiend and whip up a meal for family or friends to enjoy together.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tile Prints

nasir ol-molk mosque, shiraz, iran built from 1876-1888. photo by hanif shaoei.       inside Junagarh Fort by abmiller99, via Flickr

I'm not normally one for folksy or crafty trends, but love a bit of wanderlust on Pinterest. Images of colourful mosaics and tiling inspire dreams of far far away, or at the least a weekend away... So coming into the summer season, why wouldn't you want a touch of the exotic in your wardrobe? Two highstreet brands are translating this well at the moment, maybe specifically for those of us that only have the time and finances for a short haul trip to the shops!

Above and below:
Tiling in Morocco


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