Friday, 29 May 2015

The No-Jeans Denim Pieces That Will Revamp Your Wardrobe


So many of us see Denim as a High Street staple, envying perfectly shredded skinnies on our Instagram feed but dreading the proper "Jean Shopping Day" we feel we need for a wardrobe update. This SS15 though, denim went all High Fashion and was reinvented on the catwalk. Gucci, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Chloe and even Valentino all featured denim separates and double denim looks in a smart feminine update to this Spring Summer Fashion Trend. And in true high-street style, this trend has been interpreted back into wearable versatile pieces for us lot!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

10 Things You Can Appreciate if You Don't Live in London

...when you feel you might be missing out...

Does anyone else suffer from instagram-weather-envy? Usually it's worst in the winter months when all the bloggers you follow in the other hemisphere are posting beaches, tanned legs and sandals. I vaguely remembered that Irish weather was a wee bit colder and wetter than London, but this last week the London ladies have been sharing pics of summer frocks and rooftop bars, and I got a bit pouty. So I made a list of all the things to enjoy about not living in lovely London... silver linings!

You may have read Hannah Gale's Unexpected things that happen when you move to London - I did and like many new-Londoners laughed then cried a little at the honesty. Like Hannah, I don't hate London, but it was just time to Go Home Roger! (Wondering if all my readers are old enough for that reference??) So here's what I really appreciate since moving away:
  1. Getting change from a £20 note for two gin and tonics.* Oh yes, we're starting with a classic, the joy of drinking outside of London. I was convinced that some bars in London should have come with a warning: This View Ain't Free. *sneaky one for us in N.Ireland - we have bigger measures over here too!
  2. Walking on the footpath. You'll think I've gone mad now, but honestly in central London I realised you don't simply walk: shuffle shuffle shuffle I just need to overtake these two by walking on the road for a minute...eek cyclist!
  3. Supporting new local businesses - Londoners can enjoy this too, but back here in Belfast there's a real appreciation for the guys giving it a go, you want to help them make it good. If that means going out a bit more for coffee, dinner, drinks...well it's practically charity work?
  4. Hearing and saying "hello" on the street. It's terrible, I know that if you tried this in London you would exhaust yourself on the way to the Tube station there are so many people, but this still makes my day. And it is a simple hello over here, not "Top o' the morning to you" or anything fancy...
  5. Gardens. With grass. 
  6. The sense of community. Especially when Zara closes for refurbishment. Many a stranger in a shop struck up conversation about this one - we were all united in (temporary) grief!
  7. Popping in for a cuppa. Depending on your latitude/longitude, seeing friends in London could be a bit of a mission: picking a point in the middle of the map, checking if trains are running, and organising at least a month in advance. Living somewhere smaller definitely makes this easier. I'm really lucky to occasionally run into family on the way to the gym / on the way home and even end up getting fed again! Go on, you will you will.....!
  8. Soft water - I could do a whole list on the difference Northern Ireland water is making in my daily life: my dry skin has vanished, there are no skins or crunchy bits in my tea, there are no spots on glasses or cutlery, the kettle looks like a kettle inside and not a science project...
  9. Going back and being a SuperTourist! In two weeks I'm heading back to the big old city for the weekend, and I'm totally playing tourist, but on a whole new level. We're going back with a ready-to-top-up Oyster card, knowing the tube lines and walking distance between stations, we've picked a nice hotel (with discount) and know exactly where to go for breakfast and catch-ups with old friends. We will walk at a good pace, and we will not block the escalators.
    View over London from SkyGarden
  10. Being able to share your corner of the world, wherever you are! While The Londoner was one of the first blogs I read, Kate over at shared a great post on Blogging Outside of London, and it changed my perspective on "local" blogging. I really appreciate the bloggers reviewing local places and setting up their own little communities. If you feel like you're missing out by not being in London, or that your home town is boring, look closer! If there isn't a blog celebrating your local area, play tourist at home and start writing about it. For anyone in Northern Ireland you'll enjoy this lot: SarahGemma-LouiseRuthBecca & KatSarah M

I'm looking forward to popping back to London for a visit, but nothing quite beats home. What do you love about where you live?


Monday, 25 May 2015

The Ultimate Stay-put Lip-colour: Wedding Day Approved!

I've been meaning to post this one for a while as I have Never been so impressed with a lip colour that I've bought it in 3 shades... until this sneaky number! *Full disclosure: also talked my mum and sister into this one...* It started as a quest for a bright lipcolour for my wedding day, and I began my search convinced that I would eventually have to choose between a subtle colour stain or strong colour lipstick which I would risk leaving all over my husband-to-be's face at the altar...

Friday, 22 May 2015

Exotic, Expensive and Edible

Vanilla is a bit like Marmite, except people don't get quite so passionate about it. Do you ever hear someone walk into an ice-cream parlour and say "Oooh - Vanilla! Three scoops please!"..? Perfumes may have "vanilla undertones", cakes may have a drop of vanilla essence, it's often there in the things we love but it never shouts about itself.  The word "vanilla" is probably spoken more often for it's connotations (boring, safe) than in discussion on flavour or scent.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dress your wage: White Statement Dresses


It's the unspoken rule of shopping, that when you are on the hunt you are doomed to want whatever you can't have. So what else did I expect when I started searching for a wedding guest dress but to find lots of beautiful long white dresses...? As I'm not planning on committing wedding faux pas #1, I thought instead I'd share with you (and bookmark for another occasion).

Monday, 18 May 2015

How to Find the Job That's Right For You - And Go For It


This month I've been focussing a lot on my skills, education and experience and worrying that they're not quite up to scratch for every other job ad out there. We concentrate so much on how we fit the mould of a job description, when it's a two way street - here are a couple of tips on finding the job that may suit you best, and some friendly advice on how to really go for it once you've found it!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Links to Brighten Your Weekend

smoothie pink marbling DIY

Skies have gone grey again, which means I'm attracted to all the most colourful pins on Pinterest! Here are a few bright and cheerful ways to inject some colour into your weekend: